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August 14, 2006



Unable to download the article "How I Treat Thyroid Problems. A blank page appears


Thanks for pointing this out Elaine. It's fixed now. I'm learning more about making a Mac talk to a PC everyday with this website.


Have fibro patients complained about more stiffness, soreness, lack of energy due to pain, since the weather has changed over the past three weeks?

Will fibro patients continue to become more stiff, although, they continue to excersice, eat a proper diet, and take proper supplements to supply the body, as they get older?

Why do fibro patients continue to collect lactic acid in the pressure points, while being active? What prevents the body from getting rid of the lactic acid?

Would it be possible for fibro patients to go to this site to discuss their oo's and awe's, instead of going to a group meeting, in the near future?

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