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August 30, 2006


Amara Barber

Dr. Sager ~ Your such an awesome doctor, your a one of a kind! It's hard to find a doctor that really takes the time to listen to their patients and that treats the problem not just the symptoms. Thanks for everything!

R Norton

At an ExxonMobil Safety meeting with the top safety people out of Houston, they said that if you were taking Testosterone shots that you would not be allowed on and ExxonMobil location. Do you know the reason for this? Did not get the chance to question the reasoning?

Second, a friend of ours has been treated for prostrate cancer. He is taking some type of hormone shots, however he says it depletes his testosterone because that is what causes the cancer. Can you respond to this also.



I have no idea why testosterone shots would upet ExxonMobil but would sure like to know their reason.
As to what causes prostate cancer, many theories and disagreements abound in the research. The European research suggests it is high estrogen levels (made from testosterone in males) that is the culprit.Prostate cancer cells do seem to grow in the presence of higher testosterone levels so that is why testosterone blockers are used in this country for treatment. My personal view is that other risk factors for prostate cancer are more important than testosterone. If in fact testosterone level determined cancer, why don't we see men in their 20's and 30's with prostate cancer?

Saundra & Larry

Well, the new pics are very nice! Our choices are #9, 10, 11 and 12......but the favorite is 12.


After years of chronic, and worsening, back pain, I happened upon Dr. Sager by luck. He promptly diagnosed the real problem, something no other doctor had beeen able to do, and suggest a simple and natural therapy. It worked! Dr. Sager has quite literally changed my life. Thank you, Doc!

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More & more people know that Blog are goods for every one where we can get more knowledge nice job keep it up !

Frank Simmons

I have been taken in by all the neat little applications that Google has and the other day something very disturbing about Dr. Sager caught my attention. I was working with the Google Health App and ended up on a site called There were only 3 ratings for Dr. Sager and one of them was very demeaning and, in my opinion, abusive toward Dr Sager, Lynda and the office personnel. Reading through this it was apparent the person had not spent any time with Dr Sager and was going off what someone else who was also misinformed had told them. There were comments such as:"Dr. Sager had brain surgery in 2007. It made him forgetful and confrontational." and "Avoid this Doctor at all costs, even if referred. He will drop you for silly reasons and leave [you] with no care..." I honestly believe Dr Sager is a great doctor and actually listens to what is going on. I have had a difficult time with my medical condition and when I have felt like giving up, Dr Sager was right there to give me hope and encouragement, as well as Lynda. This person who wrote these awful things wouldn't even leave a name and I think Dr Sager should be allowed to confront the writer's "allegations". I have been seeing Dr Sager for many years and he has gone out of his way to stay in there and try to figure out what was causing my medical problems. My last Family Dr. referred me away just so he didn't have to deal with the complexity of my problems. Dr Sager never has and says he never will and I certainly believe that. Anyone who thinks like I do should go to and give Dr Sager the rating he deserves and I know many of you believe that, just by the size of his practice. I will be going there and leaving a "heartfelt and honest" rating pretty quickly and I think you should too.

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