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June 26, 2008


Frank Simmons

Rumor #4 - That you are a darn good doctor...wait that's not a rumor, that's the truth. If you were not the doctor you are (one that actually "cares" about his patients) I would be in some serious trouble. It seems that when I am in a serious crisis who is always there to "bail" me out...Dr. Sager. Everyone eventually needs doctors and you are no different and you need to take that rest you need to heal just like you often have to tell your own patients. Best Wishes!!!!

Dr. Dean Raffelock

I heard through the grapevine that Dr. Sager is one of the most skillful and compassionate doctors a person could hope to find.

Brother Bill Sager

Dr Bob is the greatest medical doctor a country could have. That
he cares about his patients is well known. Br Bob is an incredible researcher in Medicine and that characteristic is a professional quality that many practicioners envy because he sets a standard of excellence that is to be praised

Jason McIntyre

Dr. Sager and his wife Linda have been a God send for me. If it wasn't for them my quality of life would be unbearable. He is caring and compassionate and we are lucky to have him in our area. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and enjoy your vacation.

Betty Byerly

Thanks so much for telling us (your patients) first hand what is going on.. I think I speak for all of them in saying that we want you to take care of you as much as you want us to take care of ourselves. We all want you to be healthy and happy so what ever rumors are out there,, small jealous people start them and I would bet most of your patients never listen. I know I don't, doesn't matter to me because I know you will tell us what we need to know. That's why we are your patients, its all about trust. As for me,, well I trust you are the best Dr. I have ever had, I trust everything you tell me, and I will do my best to tell people, if they want to know the truth,, make an appt and get to know him cuz if it is negative, it isn't true.. All we want is for you to take what ever time you need to be back in good health.We all will wait for you. Thanks for being the Best Dr here. Liberal and all your patients are very lucky to have you here..
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Elaine Munsell

Dr Dean Raffelock you heard right. Dr Sager is one of the most skillful and compassionate doctors a person could hope to find. He is the best in my opinion! Someone like him is hard to find in todays world. Being "on the road" we had not heard any rumors, but I am glad that you addressed them, and they are not true. Get your rest, Dr Bob, and continue to heal. Prayers and good wishes are with you.


Glad you're well Dr.

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