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September 11, 2009


Betty Byerly

I am about to believe that we need to find another type of natural thyroid replacement.. I don't know what it is of course but I refuse to give in to the FDA because they allow the drug companies to run their business.. It's all about money.. always has been always will be.. It has never been about the american peoples health or safety.. Nothing about our government is legit so why would the FDA be any different.. For those that think I am wrong about this,, please think about this.. our politicians spent billions of dollars,, that is a elect a man who will make 200k a yr at his job,, and you want me to think any other part of our gov gives a hoot about what I think or if I am healthy,, not on your life.. it's up to us.. we have to find it and do it ourselves.. They are managed by the drug companies because there is no money in cures..

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