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October 21, 2009



Should anyone with suspected "flu" such as body aches, severe headache and a fever come in or just call for a prescription for TamiFlu or something similar IMMEDIATELY and not to think it's just a cold?

I have heard some doctors are asking patients to stay home and not come into the office and if the are really sick to go to the hospital. I haven't heard how your office is treating possible cases.


Dr. Dean Raffelock

Dr. Bob,

Yes it is a dilemma to read Dr. Blaylock's dire warnings about the potential downside of the vaccine and Dr. Mercola's similar warnings against getting the H1N1 injection and then digest the potential downside of not taking the vaccine.

Then there is the possibility that the pandemic will be over before enough vaccine will be available to inoculate even the most at risk part of the population let alone everyone in the country that desires to take the injection.

Having seen the pharmaceutical companies exaggerate the seriousness of certain flus for billions in profits (last swine flu, bird flu etc.) and perhaps even "manufacture" scare tactics via the media in which they are the biggest advertisers, I remain conflicted.

Personally have decided to avoid the injection and to encourage the most at risk part of my patient population to receive the vaccine as it becomes available.

May I ask what your personal choice is ?

Thanks for all the good info.

Dr. Dean Raffelock

Bob Sager MD

Dean - I'm almost 65 so in the group not targeted at high risk. I have been exposed since July to countless cases in the office and not infected so I am not taking the shot. But I am recommending it to high risk groups for their consideration. I have seen two severe cases of complications here in the last week related to lung disease. Thanks for your reply.

Bob Sager MD

Frank - I like to see patients if possible who think they have H1N1 and get them started on treatment. The sudden onset of body-aches all over with fever/chills is the usually start of H1N1. Colds develop gradually over a few days without the body-aches and usually feature a lot of drainage which the H1N1 does not.

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