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October 31, 2009


Stephanie Raffelock

Dr Bob. Thanks for getting the crucial information out there. As one who has been in the alternative health world for decades, I think we have to really weigh the statistics when it comes to this vaccine. Because my company deals with pregnant women and new mothers, we are taking a middle ground approach which is: unless you have solid medical reasons which would contraindicate this vaccine...GET IT NOW. Pregnant women seem to be particularly susiptble to this virus resulting in hospitalization and death.

I say, get the vaccine and then also do everything natural that you know how to do to keep your immune sytem up. This includes eating well,(forego the sugar)exercising, getting supplemental vitamin D, plenty of rest and washing your hands throughout the day, especially when you are out in the world. The virus as I understands it enters into the nose and mouth, so if your hands pick us something and you then scratch your nose, now you got it. Teaching your kids to wash their hands several times a day is a good practice too.

Sometimes the conventional medical world and the alternative world get too polarized and we start to think that one is the bad guys and one is the good guys. Here is an instance where that mind set does not work! Let's combine the two: Get the vaccine and keep caring for your health in a natural way. That's what I mean by middle ground!Stephanie Raffelock

Bob Sager MD

Stephanie - thank you very much for your comments. I totally agree - we need a combined view of how to fight this menace rather than a fixed conventional one. Having had one patient almost die in my office of H1N1 within 24 hrs of getting it (she had asthma) I have a healthy respect for what it can to us.

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