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December 08, 2009


Frank Simmons

I can believe the government doesn't know right from left some days. That's why everyone should be glad we have Dr. Sager watching out for us. However, someone posted a very disturbing email at about Dr. Sager and it was completely untrue. I think if you are a satisfied patient of Dr. Sager, as I am, then you should go to that site and rate him as well. He is a great doctor and deserves a great rating. The link directly to his page is:

So if you have the time, stop by and rate Dr Sager please. If you read the one comment and your a patient who believes in Dr Sager then you will be outraged as well.

Dr. Sager, thanks for the info you send to all of us in the YourHealthMatters bulletins...I read everyone and find them very informative and they answer a lot of questions I either forget to ask or just plain worry about. You ARE a great doctor!!!

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