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January 11, 2010


Dr. Dean Raffelock

Hello Dr. Bob,

I always enjoy receiving your health blog. I agree with you and Dr. Mercola and, of course, Dr. Holick, who helped put Vit D's importance back into its rightful place as a profundly inportant pro-hormne, that most people need to raise their Vit D levels. I have taught with both Dr. Mercola and Dr. Holick at medical symposia.

While I have appreciated Dr. Mercola's passion to inform the public of effective natural remedies over the years, its seems that he has now gone so commercially overboard that he now claims that only his products do anyone any good. He tries to sell people expensive tanning beds to increase vitamin D and now only his Vit D spray can help raise Vit D levels. As my grandmother would say...Oy Vey! translation-
"Oh my God, how ridiculous!"

In my practice we dispense Biotics brand Bio-D-Mulsion Forte which contains 2000 IUs of D3 per tasteless drop that instantly dissolve on one's tongue. The 1 ounce squeeze bottle lasts for months and 1-2 drops per day will easily raise blood levels of Vit D from approx. 25 to 65. The bottle retails for about $20. I'm sure that there are other good, inexpensive Vit D3 products available. The Biotics product is one we have been using effectively for many years so we have stuck with it. What do you use in your practice?

Kind regards,

Dr. Dean Raffelock

Bob Sager MD

Hi Dean - thanks for your comments on this article. I forgot under new FTC guidelines to add a comment that his article is in effect a sales letter and I do not benefit from anything he sells on the Web.

I have used the Biotics drops and will look at them again. I typically use Vit D capsules from Carlson that have 2000 units per gelcap. Sometimes this form of Vitamin D does not seem well-absorbed and the Biotic liquid might do better.


Is this is a true what BBC say:Being short 'raises heart risk'
Look this:

Bob Sager MD

Marija - good question and the statistics are likely right. But the increased risk pales when compared to the increased risk of heart disease if you are overweight, have blood pressure, smoke, and are diabetic. These all increase risk of heart disease more than short stature does. As the article says the reason for this finding is not yet known. The reason why the other factors are so dangerous is known. Thanks,

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