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March 13, 2010


Betty Byerly

Thank you so much for this.. as we all know,, or anyone who knows me... This book was written for people like me.. I have been addicted to several things in my life but sugar is by far the hardest to stop so, I am so excited to get it in the mail and start reading it and working with it.. I didn't even bother looking to see if it was in town or not since this is easier and better anyway...
I so love all your posts,, thank you so much for being here in Liberal,, we are all better because of you...
Thanks again,
Betty Byerly

Betty Byerly

Somehow I didn't get my order complete the other day,, too many interruptions,,lol But.. I did it right this time and I just wanted you to know cuz I placed the order through you link to help the office too... Thank you so very much for all your help and especially now while we figure out what went haywire...You are the best and I am so glad you are my doctor...
Have a whiney of a day!!!

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