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May 04, 2010



Cool Dr. Sager. Maybe it will ease your load a little. I'll be checking in.Susan


Dr. Bob, That sounds good cause I know you are looking forward to retiring in the distant future. For now I am glad you are here and also WELCOME BACK from vacation!!

Betty Byerly

I'm so excited!!! If you guys love her then I know we all will too.. But retire??? maybe just part time,,lol.. I know I speak for a lot of us,, we love you dearly.. But we all know you want to retire too so thank you for finding someone you like so well, We can all trust you will find the best person to replace you...Welcome Back from your vacation,, we missed you both bunches..

Lorie Martin

It will break my heart to see you and Lynda leave. I know you've talked about retiring for some time. Will Dr. Rodgman be able to administer trigger points as you have for me over the past 12 years? I've always trusted your opinion and medical advice so I will trust you again in this matter.
Thank you for all the years of dedication to myself and all your patients. You will be missed dearly, and NEVER forgotten.

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